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Where The Party Is

Don't know where the party is? Just look out for the balloons. Dead giveaway.


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Two performers, balloons, bow & arrows




Don't know where the party is? Just look out for the balloons. Dead giveaway.

Lauren Brincat and Mish Grigor are set to entertain a guest list of 30,000 for Splendour's 10th Birthday in July. They are building a giant birthday totem for their work Where The Party Is. WTPI is a durational performance piece in which the artists stand atop a large platform, towering above the festival crowds, inflating thousands of balloons over the three days of the festival.

In true rock 'n' roll style; the artists will then destroy the work on the final day. Balloons will pop, and all kind of snaps, bangs and smashes will occur, echoing the sounds around the Splendour site. Life and colour will erupt in spurts of movement.

Where The Party Is plays on the different experiences that are witnessed in music festivals: from the light hearted site explorations to the crazy circle-pit intensity, and all of the modes in between.

The work will grow on the site like a fun-loving fungus, a beautiful image that can be observed as it grows: from one tiny balloon and what looks like a heap of construction equipment into a giant birthday party emblem, a sign of celebration and utopia and the joyous feeling that is the festival.

The last stage of the work draws on the extremity and the masculine energy that buzzes around music festivals, the energy, the testosterone, and the excitement.


The work borrows from the parties and lightness of Andy Warhol, the guts of the female action painters, and the many hard-core endurance artists who have put their bodies under stress in the name of art.

The artists developed a collaborative relationship after the 2009 Arts Lab that wove elements of their existing practices. They are interested in the theoretical and imagined associations that can come from an action: to jump for ten minutes, to carry a drum up a hill. What are the implications of these acts? What spaces are created through repetition, and how can repeating something allow for new meanings to be made, for new experiences?

In Where The Party Is, audiences will see the artists grow tired, witnessing the effect that the work is having on their bodies. There will be elements of joy, comedy and exuberance in seeing the artists tear down the balloons. Spectators will see them attempting to get them all down, an almost impossible task, to heroically put an end to all of this rampant birthday hedonism.

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