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Curious Creatures

Strange encounters are reported from the fence line as strange and beautiful creatures venture in from the surrounding woods …


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Recent News:

2010/2011 Splendid artist Jimmy McGilchrist will soon be taking his work, Curious Creatures, to the major South African Afrikaans Arts Festival - Vryfees. In fact the work is billed as the headline act for this festival that attracts over 250,000 people!

Festival Director, Adri Herbert, opens the Festival program with the following comments:

'The most important question we asked ourselves in the planning Vryfees 2012 was what can we show South African's that they have never seen before. This is how the Curious Creatures installation became a reality for us, with the help of the Australia Council for the Arts... A first in South Africa...'

The first Adri is referring to, is the first time that audiences will see in South Africa an augmented reality work! It's a long way from where the work was at this time last year. Prior to its showing at Splendour in the Grass in July/August, Curious Creatures was tested and shown to audiences at the Lismore Lantern Parade in June 2011.

Jimmy received an Australia Council Hopscotch Grant ($10,000) to tour this work overseas. This is a great outcome for Jimmy, for the Splendid program and tor the Australia Council in securing pathway's for emerging artists to develop their careers outside the traditional gallery/performing arts venues.

All of us involved with Jimmy to date would like to say a huge Baie Geluk! (Congratulations)

To find out more on the Vryfees Festival head to www.vryfees.co.za


Interactive Digital Media Projection


  • Lachy Dowd - Software Development, rezon8
  • Craig Walsh - Executive Producer
  • Carli Leimback - Producer, Splendid
  • Andy Stewart - Production Manager, Splendid
  • Matt Ditton, Head of Games Design Griffith Film School - Games Developer
  • Monkeystack - Animation Production, Adelaide
  • Tyler Solleder - Sound Supervisor, SAE
  • Carlos Pagotto - Lead Sound Designer, SAE
  • Aaron Innis - Supervising Sound Recordist, SAE
  • Johan Dreyer - Supervising Sound Recordist, SAE
  • Martin Kvale - Assistant Sound Designer, SAE
  • Chris Johnson - Assistant Sound Designer, SAE
  • Stefan Hedberg - Assistant Sound Recordist, SAE
  • Adam Barclay - Assistant Sound Recordist, SAE
  • Leo Guardo - Assistant Sound Designer, SAE
  • Scott Brockenshire - Site Manager, Lismore Lantern Parade


Screen - 30m long, 3m high
Interaction Zone - 14m long x 3m high


Strange encounters are reported from the festival site as strange and beautiful creatures venture in from the surrounding woods…

Beyond the confines of the festival fencing exists a hybrid parallel world inhabited by strange and beautiful creatures. Strange encounters are reported from the Splendour in the Grass festival site as Curious Creatures venture in from the surrounding woods. Revealed at first by the sounds of twigs crunching under their weight and wailing cries, shadows cast on perimeter fencing both festival punters and wild creatures alike are startled by the presence and close proximity of each other. Inside the perimeter fencing audiences are offered a lucid glimpse into this augmented reality with opportunities to engage in playful encounters with the digital shadows kindling both intimate and hostile engagements. In the illusion of this alternate reality the narrative unfolds over the 3 day event to the explosive music festival audience.


Audience experience

Life sized shadows of strange creatures interact with your own shadow as you approach the fence. Their sounds, movements and wild cries of excitement and fear sound out across the valley with replies from their pack members roaming near by. Your experience is determined by your behaviour and the whim of the creatures. We are creating an illusion of appearances in which we aim to inspire childlike wonder and disbelief and encourage collective audience participation and performance.

Behind the screen

"One of the biggest challenges necessary to affirm the illusion has been to eliminate any signs of art, design and technology involved in its installation and delivery." Jimmy


Through this project we are excited about exploring new ways to combine installation art, high end animation and gaming technology for music festival audiences.

"We're ecstatic! Personally I'm riddled with a sort of nervous excitement by the challenge of creating such a large scale work for such a huge and explosive audience." Jimmy McGIlchrist

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Pics from the Lismore Lantern Parade


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