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Best Time Ever

A massive timber staircase rising up from the crowd and fading into the clouds. It truly is a to stairway to heaven.


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Timber, Steel, Concrete + Neon


23m long, 12m high


"I closed my eyes and saw a massive staircase rising up from the crowd at Splendour, as it continued to elevate and fade into the clouds it really was a stairway joining heaven and earth. It had to be made." Lauren Brincat

Best Time Ever is a timber staircase, 23m long. It is a large sculptural piece that will be seen from the approach to the festival site, but up close will reveal another face – a clock face.

The staircase will be pitched at an angle of 27 degrees on the largest hill at Woodford, located at 27 degrees latitude. It will cast a shadow during daylight hours that will hit scribed marks in the hill; creating a sundial, the festival clock. A semi-circular sign will be mounted over the start of the stair, 12 letters glowing at night. Best Time Ever will echo the ancient staircase, The Samrat Yantra that sits on the same latitude in India.

Best Time Ever is a public sculpture that captures that essential feeling of wonder and possibility. Taking the form of a huge ‘stairway to heaven’ the work is a catalyst for the imagination to run wild. A work of art that is in its very nature a symbol of aspiration and a tribute to the time they are having at Splendour In The Grass, ‘Best Time Ever’.

"A project is a success when it is larger than the imagination." - Christo and Jeanne-Claude, 1969

Towering above the trees on the top of the hill the ‘stairway to heaven’ will lift off the apex of the hill into the clouds. Linking the beauty of the landscape to the changing sky.

The site for the Best Time Ever is a cleared saddle in the centre of the festival. It is a place where many festival-goers will visit - for time out, quiet time, for views over the festival. It is adjacent to the main pedestrian corridor through the festival site, on the way to the Amphitheatre.

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"This project presented an opportunity to work with an artist who I like and whose work I find challenging. As an architect, I find great pleasure in rationalising a crazy idea – of breaking it down, smoothing it out – figuring out how it might actually happen. Best Time Ever is one such big, crazy idea." Dominic Finlay-Jones


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