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What would we do if a rock star got crushed under a speaker, stuck up a lighting truss or caught amongst a tangle of mic leads?


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Performance installation



30m wide x 30m deep x 10m high

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What would we do if a rock star got crushed under a speaker, stuck up a lighting truss or caught amongst a tangle of mic leads? AFTERMATH! is a performance demonstrating emergency response procedures to rock n' roll disasters at the Splendour in the Grass Festival.

During the festival, the audience will witness the expert rescue skills of volunteers within a disaster demonstration zone. The demonstration zone will resemble the aftermath of a stage collapse at the festival, with truss, sound equipment, lights and staging piled upon itself. Trapped rockstars represent the 'casualties' within the collapsed stage. Each rescued rockstar providing volunteers the opportunity to demonstrate a variety of rescue skills and techniques. Sample Test 1: Rockstar trapped under a fallen truss. Demonstrate horing and hydraulic rescue. Sample Test 2: Rockstar stuck on top of a lighting truss tower. Demonstrate a vertical rescue.

Adjacent to the demonstration zone would be a marquee with a sausage sizzle fundraiser for the rescue volunteers as well as a point where the festival audience can access more information about how to volunteer in disaster scenarios.


I'm an artist who is passionate about risk management. I'm specifically interested in creating and supporting projects that share skills and knowledge related to risk management. For example, last year I produced a project with artists Jess Daly, Dan Koerner and Zoe Meagher called High Vis Dandy, where we ran workshops teaching men how to sew their own high visibility workwear that conformed to Australian safety standards.


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