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The Arts Lab is at the core of the Splendid experience. Held in 2009, 2010 and 2011, the Lab's consisted of a focussed 3 week program in which emerging artists of various disciplines worked closely with established artists (Provocateurs) to conceive of works for the festival setting. Held in Lismore on the north coast of NSW, the Lab is an opportunity for artists to step away from their work environment to look more closely at why they do what they do.

The Arts Lab's were facilitated by leading artists, designers, performers, makers and creative thinkers that will assist in developing ideas which promote audience involvement and transform the festival site into an experimental playground.

In 2011, we drew our Provocateurs in from overseas as well as from across the country including Fernando Llanos (Mexico - video art), David Clarkson (innovative physical theatre), Craig Walsh (site-specific projections), Paul Gazzola (Berlin/Australia - collaborative practice) Técha Noble, The Kingpins (art direction & performance) and more.

pWithin the Arts Lab, artists worked collaboratively in a dynamic environment that encourages critical thinking, play and risk-taking. It's also an opportunity to meet peers from across a range of artistic disciplines and backgrounds.


Splendid is a partnership between Splendour in the Grass and leading art agencies looking to develop talent and offer festival audiences new creative experiences.More

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